2017: A Good Traveling Year

I can't move onto 2018 until I recap my 2017 year in TRAVEL!

It was a good year! I went to 3 new countries: Wales, the Netherlands, and a stop in Belgium, rounding out the number of countries I've visited to 20. 

I went to something like 10 new cities I had never seen before, including York, Newcastle, Cardiff, Amsterdam, and Cincinnati to name a few. I added a new state to my list: Ohiooooooo!

I rang in the New Year in Vegas. It was the second time I've spent a New Year's in Vegas.

Saw Yale for the first time (the prettiest Ivy League I've seen so far). 

Went to Boston in March (during a blizzard), decided I'd be moving here! 

Had an absolute blast in Miami for my dear friend's bachelorette. We then went to her wedding in April, in New Orleans (a city that never gets old). I also went on a swamp tour! 

Headed for a UK/Europe trip in May, and got to visit a lot of Northern UK for work. This included Chester, York, Newcastle, and the gorgeous Lake District: 

(the North is underrated) 

I also fell in love with Cardiff, Wales! 

Oh, and don't worry...I made a stop in London (always and forever): 

Then came the Europe part of the trip. First stop, Amsterdam! 

My good San Diego friend, Lainey, joined me. 

And then came Paris, always a favorite of mine (my third time going)...

After Paris, my good french friend, Solene, nicely drove me to Normandy: 

The Europe trip was something like 4 or 5 weeks, I think? Would I be Ashley without a long Europe trip because I can? I think not.

Next trip was a place that surprised me with how much I liked it: Cincinnati, Ohio. Who doesn't like good beer, nice people, and a decently built up downtown area? 

By the end of all this crazy travel, I was left with one more month in New York City. This was my view on one of my last days there: 

A beautiful goodbye, I think. 


Here's to another good year of travel in 2018! 

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