Still Learning How

Being a restless soul I need daily reminders to appreciate the little things and embrace life. Of course I'm on a high right now because I'm about to embark on a month long trip to the UK and France. Travel, my favorite drug. 

Learning how to travel in everyday life is something I really want to master. I haven't done it yet. 

I'm restless because I'm constantly and astutely aware of death, every minute of every day. Exhausting, right? I'm always thinking to myself, could this day have been better? Did I appreciate it enough? Did I present the best Ashley? Did I give enough? Was I grumpy and a pain in the ass to others? 

I'm 33 and I'm not sure I've figured much out since I was 19 and started this blog. I mean, I know I have figured out a little. But. 

I'm still learning how to do life. 

Saturday, travel will fill my veins again, and I'll be embracing every single second like it was my last. Now to carry that on in non-travel periods. That is the ultimate task for the extreme wanderluster. 

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