above and beyond

I was driving home today from work when I looked up at the sky for a split second. It was one of those peaceful moments, where nature kind of takes over your body and the air around you suddenly feels so fresh.

I saw the rain clouds above me, a massive presence in the sky. But stretching beyond the gray mist, I could see the clear atmosphere, adorned by twinkling stars. At that moment I wanted to fly into the night air--past the turbulence of the clouds and into the peaceful galaxy. I always wonderend what it would be like to glide through open, crisp space. For a passing moment I was there.

But, then I snapped out of my little dreamworld and realized it would be best to pay attention to my driving :). geez, I'm an accident waiting to happen.


  1. Hello ashley! Well, you can write well, impressive diction! I didn't know you had started a blog. I'm glad there is a new, interesting blog to read.

  2. thanks matt...now you flatter me! Really though, tell me you're thinkig of becoming a journalist of some sort, cause I really do enjoy your writing.

  3. Well, I don't really know. I'm leaning towards something evil, law, but journalism/academic writing is a possibility.

  4. well you realize that law (although evil, haha) is a lot like journalism--as far as making arguments go. So you would be good at that too.