writing can be so therapeutic

A year ago, in my RWS 100 class, I had no idea that I was planning on becoming a writer. That is, until my RWS teacher (Mr. Kline) decided to give us our 1st assignment. It was to be an analytical piece on anything. I was confused...there were no guidelines, no path to help me along the way? Nope, no guidelines.

So I asked Mr Kline (whom I always wanted to call Calvin Cline) "How many pages does it have to be?"

He answered, "However many you want."

I was going crazy at this point. I continued with a question I thought I would get an answer for, "Well, then, how many paragraphs?"

Again, he answered, with a little smirk on his face, "however many you want." He then proceeded to go into a speil about how highschool teachers always forced a template on us, the dreaded 5 paragraph essay, and how that just doesn't work for everyone.

I hate to sound over-dramatic, but that day I was enlightened. I went home and wrote a kick-ass essay that was something like 15 paragraphs long. Some paragraphs were one word, some were one page. But my argument was complete, and exactly the way my mind works.

So, yeah, I like to write. I'm not perfect at it, definitely not. I need A LOT of practice. So I realize that I've been posting like crazy on this little blog. But it's been really fun. It's not always about venting for me, but about writing in general. I'm just really happy that I'm excited about writing again...even if the career field is highly competitive, maybe with practice I can create some of the competition.

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  1. hi ashley, it's jackie. you have a cute blog. :) i'm glad we're in the same comm class. god knows i can only handle too many comic strip jokes by myself. see you in class!