ohhh...the joy of fat

I just downed like 5 chocolate chip cookies and I'm reallllllllllllllly happy. I will never EVER like low fat crap...I mean, if you're gonna eat ice cream in general, why waste it on the nasty imitation stuff?

Today wasn't too hectic for me. Went to work, came back to school, went on walkarounds/drivearounds (it's a sorority thing for those of you who don't know) and now I'm back here, eating my cookies. Sundays are definitely laid back days that make me really happy. Sundays are like chocolate chip cookies. If we took Sundays away, I wouldn't have a day to relax. So thanks God for "resting on the 7th day."

Oh, by the way, God...you knocked up my friend Jaime and she's having the 2nd coming of Jesus (haha, Jaime, I told you I would put this in here). But besides that, yeah, Sunday is a day of rest.

And I just realized that this post is a REALLY random compilation of thoughts, but I'll blame it on those cookies.

For my sisters: FUCK YEAH DRIVEAROUNDS!!!!

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