fun words

you know what a really fun word to say is?


Come on, admit it, you like it too. Just kind of rolls off the tongue. Plus, I'm a fan of Incubus...they reintroduced this magnificent word back into the college vocabulary where it would normally be lacking. Thankyou.


  1. Ashley! i love reading this! yay for you getting an online journal...i need to go do homework now! But yay!!

  2. thanks rachel!!! I just read yours today too. I love you!

  3. ashley--I hope you have tons of fun with this blog. It can help you get things off your chest, or mind, without really having to confront anything. You can just pose questions and complain and send it off into cyberspace where no one exists. It all kinda gets sucked into this void...and as Meg Ryan says in 'you've got mail', goodnight sweet void:)