tell me why, please?

Why is it that boys feel that they can attempt to make out with you within the first 3 minutes that they meet you? Do they think that I am a blow up doll that they can just use? And please don't tell me if you actually own a blow up doll, that's just disturbing.

I realize that these boys that I'm talking about were frat boys. For many people, that explains a lot. While some frat boys are nice, smart and caring (like 3% of them), the vast majority of them never ceases to amaze me with their lack of intellect or lack of regard for other human beings' feelings.

Just because I dance with you, that DOES NOT mean that you have the right to feel me up or try to slobber on my neck. Just because I say hi and ask what your name is, that DOES NOT mean that you should immediately proceed to hit on me. And dammit, learn some better lines...you don't sound suave, nor do you come off as appealing.

I want a guy that can talk about politics with me and tickle me at the same time. I want a guy that adores me so much, he'll wait for that kiss, and not try to force it on me. I want a guy that wants me for more than just a passing sexual desire popping up in his pants.

NO, I will not have sex with you. That's being saved for someone important to me. That's being saved for love.

I make no apologies for this post. This is the way I am and if you don't agree, don't date me! No one wants to be lonely, but if I die a "spinster" (thanks Bridget Jones) because of my standards, at least I'll have my dignity.

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  1. hey ashley!-- i just clicked the link to your blog thanks to michelle. i miss you! i love everything you say.. i totally agree with it. and i love europe and bridget jones and sarcasm too!!! me you and shell should hang out when i'm back in sd--relive those yearbook days ;) yay keep writing so i can have something interesting to read!