spread the socialism

My rommate is reading the Communist Manifesto right now. Haha, Stefie...I thought you said you voted for Bush, suuuuuuuuuuuure...did you figure out that he was just too stupid to run the country? (sorry jaclyn, I know you keep telling me that "W" is for women)

To Enrique, Christina, and Stalin...let's take over Jamacia next (I want to get a tan)...we'll spread the socialist agenda. Oh, I miss all the socialists. Now lets break into a Diana Ross and the Supremes song...


  1. baby, baby...baby don't leave me! OHHHHHHHH please don't leave me....all by myself...so if you go to a tropical island without me BITCH I'll cut 'cha! I'll cut 'cha!
    <3 enrique

  2. "I've got this burning, yearning, yearning, feeling inside me!" Diana knows how to sing it! and enrique, I was INVITING you to Jamacia, have a little faith! Socialist gotta stick together