undo that corset...break free!

I am SO SICK AND TIRED of girls telling me that they look fat. SO tired of it!
I am SO TIRED of having to reassure girls that no, they do not look fat, and yes, they are beautiful. But they don't believe me. They just believe
that they are decent, mediocre at best. WHAT THE FUCK?

Will someone please please please define "fat" for me...is it defined as being bigger than the skinny anorexic chick in Vogue magazine who eats half a celery stick and a raisin? Is it being a few pounds heavier than all the annoying movie stars who are magically airbrushed in all their pictures? WHY do we constantly have to feel like we're the ugly ones?

I know a lot of it has to do with impressing guys. I suppose we all know the formula goes something like this: a guy thinks we look hot=we get a boyfriend=we eventually get married=we have kids=our whole life depends on looking hot. WHAT THE FUCKING HELL? Who made that crap up? They should be thrown out into burning coal and shot. And then they should be shot again.

I say this with anger because I've felt it too. I've felt hideous and ugly and unwanted and unbeautiful and all those things...all because of this fucking standard we're told we NEED to live up to. The saddest part is that 95% of girls seriously go by this standard. We're all trapped, together, and only the trapped ones can truly change it. But how does one go about changing a system? We're drowning in our own pools of
lip gloss and hair gel and face toner and there seems to be no way out. I DON"T know how to go about changing it.

The part that kills me is that the girls that told me they were getting "fat" are all so beautiful. They are all so smart and quick with jokes and caring and they have SO MUCH MORE TO OFFER than what they look like. And because this pool of beauty standards is keeping them all down and drowning their intelligent minds, they think that they're ugly people...even though they're BEAUTIFUL.

I don't really know where I'm going with this argument. It's not put together well, hell, I don't even think it makes sense. I'm just mad about all the crap girls have to go through everyday. If I sound like a feminist, so be it...I'll stop bathing for an added effect (haha, well maybe not, I love showers too much). I just want the judgement to stop, and for us (my friends and me included and all the girls of the world) to FINALLY realize that, yes, we are beautiful because WE SAY that we are. Not you, not the magazines, not any boys....just us and our shining personalities.


  1. Hi Ashley! Ok, first Of all I got to say that I love your postings...you inspired me to get my own page and write a few things down, but I have to say that I LOVE this posting! Thanks for saying what we're all thinking, or at least what we should be thinking. You rock!

  2. thanks beth--yay! I will definitelty read your site, especially cause I have ALWAYS loved your sense of humor. And I'll say it again--I'm glad that I got to talk to you again, we had a lot of good times in the past :)