I want a colin firth!

Oh man, I just watched Bridget Jones' Diary with Jackizzle and can I just say that I absolutely love that movie? It makes me laugh everytime.

I guess the reason I really love the movie is the whole love aspect of it. It's the idea that you can find someone so perfect for you in every way, someone who thinks that you're lovliest creature on the planet "just as you are."

I LOVE that line. "Just as you are." Say it again with me, come on.

But what do I really know about relationships? haha, all I know is that I've sort of always ran away from them. Everytime I let someone get close to me, I tend to push them away. I'm a good friend to my friends...I'm there for them when they need me, I try to make them laugh and I give them a thousand hugs when they cry. But when it comes to being a girlfriend for someone, I just chicken out a bit. I don't believe I will ever begin to understand why.

Oh well. Life is life and I think that I read way too much into it sometimes. I know that I should just "let life flow..." haha, that sounds so hippeish (let's tye dye something, shall we?). It's just that it's hard to be logical when emotions always want to take over.

Sometimes I'm just skeptical that I'll EVER find someone who I'll truly love. And let's not even go into marriage--someone for the rest of my life?

I told myslef, however, that I was giving up negativity for lent...so I'll stop all this analytical nonsense. In the end, I just want someone to wrap me up into his coat on a snowy day and just kiss me like Colin Firth did...for now I can just dream.


  1. omg ashley, i loOoOoOove when Darcy wraps bridget up in his coat! Oh Darcy, oh love! You don't even want to get me started:)
    I would honestly die if I were her...but I can't really think about that because the thought is just really too much. Everyone is looking for the darcy to compliment their bridget/lizzy. The concept is actually so simple, its just the process that sucks.

  2. bridget jones is a lie nothing happens like that love is for fools dont believe in it
    Drunk Roomate