a few things I learned this weekend:

  1. USE SUNSCREEN! Even if it's freakin' overcast you will get burned as I learned this weekend--my neck is now the color of an Oompa Loompa's face. Remember friends, Coppertone is your friend.
  2. If you're gonna let sorority girls play football, expect there to be blood. It's funny that the most important rule in flag football was overlooked--that would be the rule of NO TACKLING!! I saw so many scratches, bruises and ripped clothing you would of thought we were in a Tibetan girls' prison.
  3. Always make time to watch Bridget Jones' Diary. Thanks jaclyn for visiting (I miss you already, I'm having Rubio's withdrawls) and thanks michelle for feeding the colin firth addiction (we can bask further in our crush on thursday).
  4. This shit is bananas...B-a-n-a-n-a-s! This song has been stuck in my head for ages (ok, maybe for only 4 days). And if you don't know the song, you may be completely confused as to why anyone would write this line. So if I told you that this song is by Gwen Stefani, then maybe it makes more sense. If anything else, at least we all know how to spell bananas.
  5. Chocolate is my favorite drug. And I'm eating it right now. Which is why I'm in this silly writing mood. Oh thankyou God for Hershey's Milk Chocolate with Almonds. And Jenna is eyeing my chocolate right now. Too bad you're not getting any...you don't like almonds. Oh, cry me a river.

Ok, so that's all. I am now a well-informed girl. It's funny how much you can learn in a weekend. And because I really can't hold myself back, I'm gonna milk my birthday for all it's worth. 4 more days and I will be 20! (and Beth's birthday is on the 5th...woo hoo! march birthdays are the best). I hope this little list has revealed some highly intellectual information for you. At least I know it's gotten you to say "Ashley, you're such a dork!" Well this dork will be 20 soon, yeah!

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