up at the crack of stefie (not dawn)

Today I woke up to the full moon of stefie's ass...um, thanks for that stefie. She has no shame...you might as well do a little dance for me while your naked. Geez, I can't believe I live in a sorority house sometimes.
Right now I should be studying for econ. But econ was created by Lucifer, I've decided, so I'm boycotting. I'll do my italian homework instead. Saying, "mi chiamo ashley. come stai?" sounds so much more beautiful than, "when the supply falls, the price rises." I'd rather make music with language than just throw it up, you know?
That brings me to the subject of poetry, which occasionally I do like to write, but hardly ever show. Basically, what if people think it sucks? But, whatever, here's a taste of what I wrote for a creative writing class before:

This fire that burns
can be seen in my eye
If you look upon the dark depths
of the pupil
that looks out on the world
You will see it--
the sparkling flame

The warmth inspires my skin to glow
I feel a new sensation
I feel a new beginning
I feel as though I could swallow
the world whole

This fire that grows inside
is taking over my body
and burning
the cold stone walls I used to hide behind
They melt
into a puddle of insecurities
that I now choose to walk over
and never wet my feet in again

This fire that is blazing
will cause a wild storm of flames
that will consume
in its path
That will cast my shadows upon the walls
I know that I am finally seen

I created
The tiny spark
That grew the flame
That started the fire
That you can see
in my eye
Just take a look

So there you go. Some girl in my class thought that the "fire" was love...uh, no girl, I have not been in love. Most of the class got it though (not like it's hard to get) and realized that it was about confidence. So, there's a bit of poetry for you people...thanks for listening! Ok, I'll put away my bongo and sunglasses now (once you stop snapping, that is)


  1. No, I think the fire you speak of is actually the BURRRRRRRRRRNING PEEEEEEEEEEE. Remember? Gotta love those crazy mexican psychos that give everyone burning pee. haha. Tell whiteoprah I said hello.

  2. riiiiiiiiiiight enrique...haha, burning pee...takes me back to the tortilla curtain days. Whiteoprah says hi and "where's my cornbread?"