I just got back from grabbing some de-lisssss-cious boba with Jenna, Krissy, and Annie (my lil). The funniest part of this whole mini-excursion was Krissy thinking that the little tapioca balls were fish eyes...hahaha. Poor little misinformed Krissy. Just kidding Krissy, you know more about a wide variety of things than little ol' me.

Today is georgous! The sun is out and smiling and giving me a well needed tan. It's not easy being white...kermit you've got nothing on me with your greeness! Yeah, so I have a test today, but it's in italian. Italian, I've decided is my friend, for I've gotten nothing but A's in it. I'm proud of myself there. Econ, on the other hand, is not my friend. I want to murder econ. What would possess a person to become an economist? Are they that bored? Go play some monopoly or something to supress the boredom, but please choose a better major.

I want to go to the beach! I can only go so long without interacting with the ocean and beautiful nature. And today is the perfect day to take a drive over to the beach and blast Bob Marley or random oldies. Maybe over the weekend sometime...


  1. I remember cruzin to the beach with bob singing his soul out to us. Do you?

  2. yeah, of course...you, me and bob are all great friends