I like my men mixed with some humor...don't forget the sarcasm!

It's a thursday afternoon and I'm full. I went to The LivingRoom with Michelle and had a lovely mocha with a mountain of whip cream, came home and had some cantaloupe, grapes, grilled cheese, doritos and salad. Whew!

Speaking of going to the LivingRoom with Michelle, which was a fabulous meeting with her like usual, I asked her a question that I had been pondering myself. I asked, "Have you ever been attracted to someone who isn't traditionally attractive?" I was choosing my words wisely, of course. And I asked because I've found myself attracted to a few guys who aren't attractive to most. But they were all extremely hilarious, and that is the NUMBER ONE most attractive thing to me. I hate when guys assume I'm attracted to them because of their looks and forget that, yes, personality IS important and, yes, you BETTER have one. Especially having a sarcastic, humorous personality is nice.

I am superficial in many ways. But it's good to know that I'm not superficial about dating. I'm proud of it in fact.

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