do you think I'm sexy?

This message is for Mr. Rod Stewart. If you really were sexy, you wouldn't have to make a song that asks millions of people around the world if you are.

I bring up this point because my mom wants me to see "sexy" Rod live in concert with her. I can't even write that sentence without laughing.

I'm getting my insults out now; if I were to insult this self-proclaimed "sex-god" at the concert, I'm sure the headlines would look like this: 20 YEAR-OLD GIRL STRANGLED BY 50+ YEAR-OLD WOMEN WITH DISCOUNTED FREDRICKS OF HOLLYWOOD BRAS. yeah, or something like that.

Just please, Mr. Stewart, DO NOT ask if I want your body...I may just throw up right there.


  1. Greetings from the great white north..I was doing my "press next blogger button" surfing and came across yours...nice simple set up..nobody does old school anymore..

  2. thanks julia, nice to see you like it