the essence of life: spinning notebooks and boob size

I once heard (on tv or a movie somewhere) that laughter is the opening up of the soul. Really, I believe that. You can't control it and it gives you a personal high. People are completely themselves when they laugh. You can't mask it, you can't judge others with it--it just is.

So here I am, with my roomates, laughing. Giggling as well (hey, what do you want from us? we gotta live up to the sorority stereotype somedays). Just a moment ago we were comparing boob size...oh god, I can't believe I'm revealing this online. But it wasn't a demeaning activity, no, we were just being ourselves and giggling about the different sizes, or lack there of.

I love moments like this-- moments when I feel accepted and loved by the people around me. Then we all just laugh. We all have a great love for one another, and we're all just acting stupid and laughing.

And earlier today Rachel and I were acting dorky and laughing about spinning a notebook and how we could make it a sport. And then we added on to our bright idea: just add razor blades and you've got an instant weapon. What the heck? That's when Rachel said we were both dorks, and I agreed. But hey, dorks have some of the most interesting conversations I've ever heard.

Really now, this is what life is supposed to be about. Remember that line in the John Mayer song "No Such Thing?" The one about students that goes, "They read all the books but they can't find the answers..." Sometimes I feel that way about books and the way they so easily depersonalize life. Experience, laughing and just acting stupid (instead of trying to act intelligent all the time) teaches me more about life most of the time.

It's moments like this that make me realize that life is often times taken too seriously; just add a dallop of laughter and pessimism seems to instantly float away.

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