happiness is...

Here is a small compilation of things that make me happy, for no particular reason, simply because I want to tell you:
  • beans, cheese and rice burritos with hot sauce...I love little mexican hole-in-the-walls that may or may not be federally inspected :)
  • The color your lips turn after eating a popsicle
  • sitting at the edge of a pool with your feet in the water
  • driving on a 78-degree day with my sunroof open and a slight breeze dancing in the air
  • the smell of gasoline (this makes me sound like a weirdo, I realize
  • the ellipsis...and I HATE it when people call it the "dot dot dot thingy." You fools! Ellipsis is a cool word, so use it!
  • eating a whole box of chocolate in one sitting
  • walking around in airports ( i love the lady on the intercom that speaks in different languages)
  • hot chocolate with handmade whip cream
  • kisses on the cheek, by anyone
  • dancing like there's no tomorrow
  • tapping on windows after you've gotten a manicure
  • watching movies that scare the hell out of me...god, why do I find joy from this?
  • the sound ice cubes make in a glass full of water
  • running through a field with really high grass
  • getting and recieving hugs
  • glasses...and guys that look cute in them
  • trying to taste the rain
  • peeling off nail polish
  • talking with a friend over a cup of coffee
  • that moment in the movie theater when the room darkens and the movie is about to begin
  • the curve before the big dip in the rollercoaster

Ok, so this list is getting a little long...so I'll stop. And yes, I know I'm a weirdo, it's just the way I am. But I have one more thing to add: Watching Romeo and Juliet (with Leo) and inserting myself into Claire Danes character...oh yes, that definitely makes me happy!


  1. and so I ask, when you hear the song "Love Fool" by the Cardigans, do you also think of Leo?? Kills me everytime.

  2. yes of course....oh leo. Ok, I'll stop my girly sighing now.