No, I'm not trying to be a pirate.

Today was pretty crappy. I guess I feel that way because I was super pampered yesterday, rightfully so, and today I got no flowers or presents or chocolate. I motion to make birthdays 8 times a year. All who agree say "aye". Maybe that would keep me happier.

Maybe I was in a crappy mood today cause I had to work 8 hours. I hate being a slave to wearing a fake smeared on smile just to please customers. Why should I smile at some of those assholes when all I really wanna do is take my medium ink ballpoint pen and stab it through their hand? Then I would really have something to smile about.

Ok,ok....I'm calmer now. I did just drive home (through the freakin' hurricane! I swear I was hydroplaning at 60 mph), and I listened to some Jimi Hendrix. I've never been a huge fan of his, but I pull out his songs whenever I'm in this kind of mood. The wailing on his depressed guitar really knows how to sing my mood. And I may not be a fan of all his songs, but I will always LOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE "Voodoo Child." I really relish in the line "well I'm standing next to a mountain/ I chop it down with the edge of my hand..." That is so freakin cool. I wonder what it would be like to be so omnipotent? For a moment, when listening to this song, I can feel the power.

Right now the rain and it's hypnotic rhythm is relaxing my overused muscles, so finally I'm not so tense. I think I'll go now and let it carry me off to sleep. Maybe I'll have a dream about chopping the hell out of a mountain...

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