I see an end in sight!

I realize that recently I have sounded a bit, uh...how do you say, stressed out? Yeah, that's the word of the week (or couple words). But that too-busy-to-survive week is over with! My lungs are no longer held together in a clamp-like fashion, for I can breathe easily! I just have to learn how to manage my time better. I couldn't imagine having the job of a publicist or high-up-on-the-ladder businessman. I couldn't handle those overly stressful jobs. Yeah, deadlines with journalism are stressful, but that's a bit different.

Wow, I'm rambling, I realize. At least I stopped myself. You see, my brain is learning how to function again. Maybe I should write "Out of Order" on my forehead with a sharpie...hehehe. Ok, maybe that was only funny to me.

Hmmm...I wonder what it would be like to be body slammed? How to those wrestlers do it? Yes, I know that this question is completely random...but my "out of order" brain was just exposed to way too much glitter paint at the Mt. Carmel Airbands. Oh gosh, it's like a glitter orgasm happened in there. Yeah, my analogies/similies aren't too keen right now either, I realized. Maybe I should stop realizing things and just go to bed now.

Oh sweet sleep, my only lover at the moment.

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