Random Ramblings of Mine While Playing Hooky

I'm much to lazy to go to class right now, so I'm boycotting. It gives me much more pleasure to sit here and write and be lazy. I'll even insert a happy face here to further show my exuberance from skipping class ===> :).

This week I'm going to buy tickets to see Elton John in concert...hell yeah I'm happy about that! I'm ready to see big, glitterly sunglasses while listening to Benny and the Jets and dancing with a bunch of gay fans. Sounds like a great night o' fun to me. Though it may be a night o' fun that costs $100, it's still worth it to me.

Never, Never, Never give out your e-mail address to a native when going overseas...they will bug you for ETERNITY. That's not all people of course, but some people are obsessive!

On a side note, I really would like to have a movie marathon right now, but alas, homework calls my name!

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