Pack Me in a Suitcase, Will Ya?

So, Michelle is going to leave for Spain tomorrow (on her birthday, by the way, so happy birthday!). Of course, I am jealous. Many would say that isn't fair, since I've been overseas at least 4 times...but it really becomes an addictive process. So now that Michelle is leaving on a jet plane to a land filled with culture and history far beyond the American knowledge, I want to come along! Can you stuff me in your suitcase, Michelle? Yeah, maybe those security bastards will find me, but we'll take that chance.

I don't imagine I'll ever really leave America for another country, but it's nice to have an escape from ignorance every once and awhile.

1 comment:

  1. ashley, I have a suitcase with your name on it;D

    actually, you know that whole post you wrote about your birthday and the weirdness of it? well, ditto the feeling my friend, D-I-T-T-O! have a great spring break:)