A Major Pain in My Ass

My crack whore landlord is a real bitch, we're all starting to find out. I think someone has been stealing her drugs, and that's why she's in a bad mood. I just wanna ask her "who stuck that giant lallapalooza up your ass? (in case you didn't know, that's one of those giant lollipops you can get at Disneyland). I just hate when people are intentionally rude and incredibly unprofessional...sorry, I'm getting crazy with the adverbs here, but there's no other way to describe this bitchy woman. You would THINK that she would be happy that we're buying apartments and giving this heinous bitch money, but I guess that isn't good enough!

Don't piss me off woman, cause mama said knock you out! this is a joke, of course, I know I'll probably just avoid this lady at all costs. Live throws some real black-eye-producing curve balls sometimes...

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