This is for my people (I'm such a white girl)

THANK you, thank YOU, Thank You for all the birthday wishes and presents--you all are wonderful. And I thank you GREATLY for the chocolate. Men? Eh, don't really need them for much...But chocolate makes the world go round.

Kidding, you fools...Only partly. Yeah, so the funniest present I got was the Idiot's Guide to Being a Sex Goddess. That's a big laugh, since we all know that I'm such a sex fiend!!! (right, even God himself is laughing at this one).

And my Dad, being a teacher, had his whole class call me and sing me happy birthday. They asked what I was turning, and being that the little pip squeaks are all 11, I said 20 and they replied with, "ewwwwwwwwww, that's old!"

Haha, thanks to my dad for the "happy" message. So, it is now 2:00 pm and I was born at 1:58 pm. I am now officially 20. Soon I'll be having hot flashes. Hey, it's fun to be overdramatic sometimes :)

Again, thanks for everything you cooooooooooool people. Truly, from the bottom of my little heart, thankyou--you made my day today.

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