I Left my Heart in SF (I love how cheesy that is)

Oh man. San Francisco was fun. Definitely.

Where do I begin? Obviously there's too much to tell, so pictures will help me say more:

Ah, driving....I definitely got used to a lot of driving. This picture was taken in L.A. (I know, it's not my favorite place, but the sun was setting in a cool way...I had to take a picture!)

Meet my friend. His name is caffiene. He likes to kick you in the ass when you get delirious. And trust me, you tend to get delirious after 7 hours of driving. Who knew the middle of California looked so much like the Midwest? Craziness.

This is inside Alcatraz. I got bad feelings in that place (well duh, it's a freakin prison). But it was cool to see the place where Al Capone and other crazy mother fuckers were locked up. Why are criminals so intriguing? At least to me, they are.

Can you see it? It's the SF Golden Gate bridge. Not as big as I thought...but still cool.

Ahhhhh....I love chocolate. This is my heaven. Jack and I had a wonderful sundae with WONDERFUL hot fudge. I can still taste it if I try real hard.

Dude. We totally rode up this hill and it freaked me out! Look how steep that sucker is! Seriously, San Francisco is not a good place to have your breaks give out in.

Having some fun in Chinatown. That's Jack on the left, Stefie in the middle and me on the right. This is my favorite picture of the trip. Gosh we look cute! (I'm such a dork, I know)

Just driving around San Fran. The look on Jackizzle's face in the background is simply priceless.

The last picture: Me kissing a key chain that says "I left my heart in San Francisco." It's only fitting.

What else can I say about the city?
  • it's not as cold as I thought it would be, but it is summer.
  • The hills are steeper than I thought.
  • No, I did not see tons of gay people, thanks.
  • The houses were so beautiful...I could see myself living there (except for the cost and the earthquakes, of course).
  • I loved the piers.
  • There were SO many European tourists!

I guess that's about it for now...maybe I'll actually tell stories later. Plus, I am REALLY tired. I did get back at 3 this morning. Man! I am definitely going to bed.

Goodnight world. Goodbye San Francisco.


  1. Are you of Turkish decent, Ash?

  2. yep. I'm half-Turkish. I loooooove that country. You should visit sometime.

  3. cute pictures ashley, especially the chinatown one. did you end up buying one?

  4. thanks Jackie...I'm sure you've been there, you've been everywhere!

    I didn't buy an umbrella, but I bought this silk purse from that store. I love it (mostly cause I despise designer purses, mine is way cooler and only 10 bucks).