It's kismet!

Kismet is turkish for "fate."

For FOREVERRRRRRRRR I've been wanting to learn Turkish. FOR-EV-ER. It's not a super common language, though, and not taught in a lot of schools. But because I've seen a plethora of Rosetta Stone advertisements lately, I decided that maybe, just maybe, they'd have Turkish.

THEY DO!!!!! Rosetta Stone is BALLIN!

(well, and so is the actual artifact in history, but I'm talkin' bout the program here).

I'm thrilled! This is not just about learning a language to know a language, this is about communicating with my family overseas, this is about my background--something that is part of me and something I am extremely proud to be a part of.

And, you know, then I can talk smack about people in a language that hardly anyone knows in the U.S., mwahahaha! *cough* Kidding, of course.

*doing a dance right now*


  1. Oh, if only I had the money to buy Rosetta Stone.

  2. TELL me about it. But at leats it's less than taking a class.

  3. Working as a language teacher, I am convinced that language software cannot really be a substitute for a class. (and I'm not just saying that 'cause I teach) Better save that money, then save a bit more and then take a class. :) Plus, you have the relatives in Turkey, right? So maybe you can arrange to go there on Work and Travel or something like that. NO better way to learn a language. In any way, anything's better than the software.... Talking from experience. :)

  4. Learning a language of your own culture is always special. Es la verdad!

  5. ellen--hey, it's been forever! When will you post something new? :) With the language...I just want to try it. I have my mom here to help me with the program as well, so I'll get time to speak with a native speaker. The problem with Turkish is that it's not offered many places, like AT ALL. So that's why I'm going for the software.

    Anthony--Yayyyyy! And I want to try harder with this language, since it's about my heritage! I didn't try as hard with italian (although it's beautiful).

  6. Foreign language? Pfft, overrated.

    I can barely speak English as it is...

  7. Bubble Tea is the greatest, isn't it? I haven't had it since I was in Malaysia, so it's like rekindling a lost love.

    Cupcakes from scratch are sooo much better than any mix, although my cousin tells me that her pre-mix baking efforts are very good, so I might have to get her to do me some so that I can judge! Icing pens are the greatest.

    Jax x

    PS: Yes, learning your own language is amazing. I sadly can barely speak any Cantonese, which is a real shame because I'd love to be able to communicate with my family in our Mother Tongue. English is the language of regression.

  8. I want to get the gaelic one, like thats going to help me in the real world.

  9. hey, I like the new profile pic today! its the Cheshire Cat, shit-eating grin thing....