I Guess I Dig the Cheese Factor

I saw three movies over the weekend (yes, three!). Of course, I have to comment on them...I mean, that's what blogs are for.

DISCLAIMER: Please do not roll your eyes at the movie choices I am about to present you.

2012--hahahaha. You know it's gonna be a bad review when I start off with laughter. Now, I knew from previews that this movie was going to be ri-dic-u-lous. However, a roommate convinced me to go. I guess I'm easy to convince. This movie was a staggering 2-and-a-half hours of "let's see how much crap we can blow up, crumble, destroy and demolish in one movie." Basically, a disaster movie trying to beat all other disaster movies, but falling on its face. The only good thing about the movie? John Cusack was in it. That was the only saving grace, and the only way I could give the movie: ★

The Twilight Series: New Moon--Well, come on. You knew I would see this. I read the books, after all. I don't know if there's much to say here. It was exactly as I expected, which made my inner 14-year-old girl happy. I WOULD NOT recommend this movie to ANYONE who has not read the books. It would be a terrible movie, otherwise. That inner teeny-bopper gives this movie:★★★

Up--This is the clear winner out of all the movies. Good job Disney. This is definitely a "kid's movie" that is actually more geared for adults. My heart was warmed to a mushy mess while watching it. No, I didn't cry, but plenty of people would. Go. See. It. You won't regret it. My rating:★★★½

Did I mention that I am watching Mamma Mia as I type this? Don't judge me!


  1. Man... I'm so envious. I have no time to go to a theater anymore.

  2. I really liked New Moon, but I wouldn't recommend it to someone just looking for a good movie. I can't believe 2012 is 2 and a half hours long. That's crazy. I love bad action flicks, but I'm not sure if it's got enough fun to last me that long.

  3. John is in 2012?! I still don't think I can see it.

    Some day I might read Twilight, but only if my professors don't find out. They'd have my head.

  4. umm... isn't darcy in Mamma Mia?? That makes it like, on the top 10 movies ever, right? haha

  5. ooh. up was amazing, but, um, can i just watch 2012 twice ... back to back ... and skip twilight? :-P

  6. I thought UP was one of the best movies I've seen this year. UP and Inglorious Bastards, ironically! :)
    and hate to say it, but I do judge you for Mama Mia

  7. :D
    i went to watch 2012...it's quite an entertainment if we could just try not to use any logic when we're watching it...like zero brain activity :) yes, jon cusack is always a plus, love him! and pekingese dogs

    havent watched new moon, but i'll surely watch it. i havent read the books, but it is something so big, i cant miss it

    up...oh gosh, it sounds like i am so gonna crumble into a teary mush if i watched that...:D