(with jam, but with no clotted cream...don't think they sell that in Cali).

So, I attempted to make scones the other day. My first attempt ever.

They turned out...eh.

Not bad, but not to their full potential. After visiting England a few times, I KNOW their full potential!!

So, any of my English bloggers out there (you know who you arrrreeee): do you happen to have an authentic recipe for scones sealed with an English kiss? I got the first recipe from People Magazine. I know, I know. Don't judge me!!


  1. Oh you know I gots the knowledge, girl ;)

    I honestly think that when you're tackling a British classic there is really one person to turn to: Delia Smith. I made some scones when I was at school, I think it was like our second ever home economics lesson (later re-labelled as 'food technology', because 'home economics' is apparently sexist and implies that we're all going to grow up with the 'women belong in the kitchen' ethos - hey, I'm not complaining, I've decided I just want to be a little hausfrau, high aspirations me) and all of the scones we made turned out to be these horrible little rock-hard teeth-breakers. But I think if you use Delia;s recipe you'll have better luck!

    The best scones are deliciously light and fluffy on the inside and golden and firm on the outside, and the best way to eat them is halved, toasted, and spread with oodles of clotted cream and strawberry jam. And don't get any with raisins or what have you, blech. The cream-tea I made you when you were in London was sub-par because I a) didn't bake the scones, and b) the M&S ones were full of raisins bleeeeurgh!

    Try it out and post your results: http://www.deliaonline.com/recipes/type-of-dish/sweet/buttermilk-scones-with-west-country-clotted-cream-and-raspberry-butter.html

    Jax x

  2. let me break out my best homer simpson to say, 'mmmmmmmm, scones.'

  3. I'm always judging you, ashley LOL;)

    p.s.- you've been to England, thus, I am jealous. I just want to go to Liverpool...haha! sooner or later- I'll shall arrive there.

  4. I don't even know what clotted cream is, except that it's British and the name is not very appetizing...

  5. Google Martha Stewart scone recipe :)

  6. I found a little shop here in Winnipeg that sells all sorts of fancy imported stuff - and bought both proper cream (in a little $12 jar!!!) and a scone MIX! :)

  7. Scones always seem to dry to me. Go the muffin route, that's where it's at.

  8. yum! tea and scones = favorite =) they look fabulous ashley!

  9. whoa! i havent made scones before...and i probably havent been motivated to try making scones as the ones i found in hk are normally rock hard, i could KO jaxies in one throw :D

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