Dancing Trees...

This rain is craaaaaaaaaaazy! There is an actual midwest-style storm going on in California, and it's going to be stormin' ALL WEEK. This is going to drive us Californians off our rockers. I mean, I love rain, I really do. But after driving 5 hours in it today (from Santa Barbara to San Diego), I've about had it.

No I haven't. I still adore the sound of rain--right at this moment--tapping its wet fingertips across the window. The storm is coaxing the trees to dance, swaying back and forth and dipping every so often in the arms of their lover.

I pretty much love it.

I've been busy this past week, and sick. It's nice to have time off today to soak up this sound...and pretty soon I think I will trail off to sleep...


  1. Rain is much more awesome when you don't have anywhere to be or anywhere to go. I'm enjoying it today, but tomorrow I might not be so happy about jumping in puddles to get to work.

  2. I might take an internship in Santa Barbara in the summer, incidentally, and have never been. How is it there?

  3. It's really beautiful and peaceful. Honestly, the people can be a bit snobby sometimes (they're so exclusive!), but overall it's very Californian...they even kept most of the Californian landscape. The beaches are superb.