Cemiyet (Part One): Ode to Ant

cemiyet (n.)--Turkish for community.

I've gained a little community here on this blog, and it's been a life-saver. Because, I put real, serious issues on the table here, and you all actually give me advice. And you guys give me good advice, you really do! You are all my therapists. haha.

Some of you, I've "known" for over two or three years. Wow! Some of you, I've "met" recently. I truly value all of you. Who knew I could have this many online friends for this long? It's kinda badass.

So I wanted to take the time to blog about one of you (maybe once a week), so other bloggie friends of mine can get to know you better. And if I embarrass you a little, well...you're just gonna have to deal with all that blushing you're doing at the moment.

Ode to Ant

Anthony. Probably my most consistent, longest blog friend. He's an uber smartie. He knows something like 80 languages (you know, something to that effect). Always in the pursuit of truth and knowledge, his mind is open to other ideas and ways of life. I admire this mindset.

There is a quote: "Beware of defining as intelligent only those who share your opinions." I love this quote, and Anthony is an example of someone that tries to understand and learn from others, despite their different views on life. He has never made me feel less than who I am, for being who I am. He embraces differences, knowing that it is our incongruity that make us beautifully imperfect and unique.

And even past his character, this guy has a big heart, one that beats to the sound of poetry, and attempts to love openly. He looks at life like a philosopher, and has grand ideas about life and love, even after being burned by love. I hope to achieve this outlook on love someday.

Isn't it funny? I don't "know" Anthony in real life, but I've learned a lot about who he is through this little community of ours.

You can find him on my blog roll, under "Shakespeare Jr." or you can just click his link right here.


  1. What a wonderful idea! I'm going to go check out his blog for sure :)

  2. I've looked this over about 4 or 5 times now, and I still don't know what to say.

    I don't know what to say because all forms of thanks will sound corny and fake (you know I hate corniness). This might be the best way to say this:

    I had a horrible day today, going back and forth from work to school, dealing with all sorts of bullshit, and when I finish the day, out of all the dead languages and office politics, I return to your blog and reread all the nice things you've said about me. And I feel so much better about myself. You are a darling. I don't think I have a better friend that I've never met.

  3. Well, I did meet Anthony in real life, although it's been a few years(that's how I eventually ended up "spying" here on your two blogs). I can definitely vouch that Anthony is a great guy! There are two things that stand out about him in my mind: he is sincere and he is sensitive (and not in a wimpy way). Those are two characteristics you don't find very often in people.

    Ashley, what a nice thing you wrote about Anthony.


  4. Aw, Ant...well that is what I like to hear, that maybe it made you smile for a bit :)

    D--I think youuuu should have a blog. I'm just sayin' :)