She's Just Not That Into You

Soooo...this was my plan (yes, past tense):

I was trying to set up Jason (this dude I work with) with one of my best friends, Ali. Recently, Ali had seen a picture of Jason and dubbed him "Hot Jason."

With a girly giggle I replied, "Well, let's see what we can do about that."

After telling Jason about Ali and trying to set up a meeting (making it obvious that she was interested), Jason thwarted my plan by telling me, "I don't know if I can be set up with the friend of a girl I have a crush on, if I'm gonna come clean with that."

This was not part of the plan! ha. Shows how much plans work.

It's just--I knew Jason had a thing for me last year, but I didn't know know. I thought that this "thing" had passed. Turns out that it didn't.

Now, I know what some of you are gonna say. Cause you've said it before, and you've figured me out (for my lack of a dating life). You'll say, "Give this guy a chance, Ashley. Go on a date..."

Yeah, you know who are! My polite reply is, "I don't want to!"

Simply, I don't. I don't really have an interest in this guy...do I have to explain further? Besides the fact that he has no real relationship with God (yes, this is important to me), I'm just not interested. Along the lines of She's Just Not That Into You.

But I always feel a bit bad after telling someone that I'm not that interested, which I did to Jason (as nice as possible). Especially because I work with the guy.

It is all kind of funny, though...


  1. Well, you did have to tell him the truth if that's how you feel. However, I might not bring Ali up again to spare his feelings. Sometimes when the girl you want the most tries to set you up on a date with someone else, well, for a guy, it's like pouring salt on an open wound. Like a LOT of salt.

  2. You're right, I won't. Although, we still all might hang out tomorrow night. haha...bad idea? I still like Jason as a friend. Him telling me that he has a crush makes that more difficult...

  3. I think it's possible. If he can handle it, then it should be fine. Otherwise, he's an adult, he can always not hang out, but that's his prerogative.

    And if he does, who knows? Maybe he'll naturally like Ali (if Ali comes). Play it by ear.

  4. Ali could use another different guy interest and maybe this guy Jason could benefit from the experience too :) can't hurt to meet in the middle as friends! See how it goes!

    <3 pug angel

  5. oh and tell me how it goes..

    pugs 4 eva

  6. I was going to ask, what his feelings were towards your friend after you told him but I really would like to think that he'd be better than: "Uh, ok, I think I'd like to go out with your firend now." Please tell me that he didn't ask about her following your telling him that his feelings were unrequited. If so, we fellas just got taken down another peg.

  7. No, he didn't ask about her. ha. But I don't mind if he ends up liking her after meeting her!

  8. Oh gosh, how awkward! This happened to me when I first started at my new job - this guy started taking lunches with me and hanging out at work, always telling me about how tough it was since his last breakup... and before I knew it he was telling me he had feelings for me. Knowing FULL WELL I was in a relationship!! Obviously I had to tell him to back off... and it kind of made things totally awkward since, we barely say two words to each other now. Which is fine!

    I think you should keep advocating for your friend, who knows, they may really hit it off!

  9. If he doesn't have a relationship with God, it's probably best that you didn't hook him up with anyone, don't you think?

    I think you are right to stick to your guns regarding your choice of men and especially in that they have to have a strong relationship with God. Had I stuck to my guns in the past, I would have spared myself a world of painful experiences. (It's way better to learn from others than to have to learn the hard way yourself!!)

    But I take it one step further to say that before you hook your friend up, you should perhaps inquire of God to see if it's His will. I would guess not - since, even if your friend Ali is not a believer, God would want her to know Him first.