You Spin Me Right Round

It's incredible how a genuine smile from a kid makes my whole day. All those little suckers have to do is come up and hold my hand, or hug my leg (those leg-huggers!), and place all their trust and hope in that very moment, and I feel like I could stay in that short span of time forever.

I guess that makes me the sucker, huh?

They truly live in the present, those little kiddies. To them, the world doesn't spin around them; rather, they make the world spin.


  1. There's something to living in the moment. Children have it down.

    Aren't they so much more fun to hang out with than adults sometimes? Adults can be a drag...

  2. that's an excellent view ... unless, of course, you happen to oversugar those adorable leg huggers. then woooweeeeee. it's like dealing with 5 at one. kinda like being in an episode of the cosby show.

  3. This is cute and so are you :D

    Gosh Ashley, I love your positive view on life and miss it in my life! Hurry up and come over my side of the pond, already...

    Jax x

  4. Makes you kinda want to go back in time doesn't it?? I can't watch tv anymore without judging it incessantly.

  5. Now you know how Holden Caulfield felt! ;)