A Serious Matter

I have officially had this blog for 5 years. Happy blogiversary to me! This is a place where important, life-changing topics are put on the table...

And in staying with that, I want to comment on a serious matter about the Olympic Games:

Apolo Anton Ohno is, like, 10 times hotter than Michael Phelps:

Glad we can have intelligent conversations here. Please leave some enlightening comments on this topic.


  1. Who? What? Huh?

    I saw the Winter Olympics opening, by the way. Very beautiful set.

  2. It was, it was...however, I couldn't HELP but compare it to the opening in Beijing. I know, I shouldn't. They're different and good in their own way...but Beijing actually WOWED me.

  3. but the bandanas! oh, the bandanas. he always seemed like some sort of wake-me-up-before-you-go-go, 80s love child in the bandana. have to give this one to michael "the herb" phelps.

  4. Apolo looks like he's 12 in that picture of him in the near buff! o_0

    But I'll tip my had to Apolo since I've agreed with friends who say Phelps has a butterface. (They said it!)

  5. Happy blogiversary, and, of course, happy man candy! *Whistles*

    Jax x

    PS: I do agree with Donny re. the bandanas, though...

  6. Happy Blogoversary!!! :) And I agree with the bandanas too lol

  7. all this hatin' on the bandanas!! haha.