Cemiyet (Part Two): Michelle, My Bell

Cemiyet: meaning community in Turkish.

This will be my second post highlighting a blog friend of mine, for whatever reason I choose. Hehe.

Michelle's gonna hate that I'm putting her in the spotlight, but I'm going to anyway *sticks out tongue*

I know Michelle in real life; since high school, to be precise. We worked on yearbook together, under the rule of a female dictator (our horrible teacher, Mrs. Q). That gave me time to "bond" with Michelle, the way prisoners-of-war bond while in captivity.

After high school, Michelle and I happened to go to the same college: good ol' State. We saw each other frequently for coffee dates. She introduced me to Pride & Prejudice, and the fabulous world of Mr. Darcy.

In general, this lady enjoys my love of different cultures; in fact, I think the majority of our conversations revolve around that!

I admire her modesty. She's a girl that doesn't think she's pretty, but she's beautiful. She also doesn't think she's particularly smart, but she's brilliant (don't get all angsty with me Michelle, it's true!). And lastly, I KNOW she doesn't think she's a great writer, but I love what she has to say on her blog, in the manner that she says it.

She gives intellectual insight like no other, and visiting her blog is a form of being enlightened. Sorry to do this to you Michelle (well actually, I'm not sorry), but you deserve the spotlight today for how wonderful you are.


  1. WOW you are one tricksy lady!! I'm currently sitting in my office (yeah yeah yeah who gets work done at the office?!) blushing like mad haha.

    despite every part of my being wanting to contradict everything you just said about me (you know me too well!), I will bite my tongue and only say:

    thank you lady. you are so awesome <3

  2. I will definitely have to check out her blog, she sounds like a lovely lady :)

  3. You sound wonderful, Michelle. I promise to read up on you, if you don't mind.