I'll Find Beauty (Even in Toilets)

It took a lot for me to write that last post. I'm pretty sure I am an introvert through and through when it comes to sharing "feelings." *gulp* I also hate that word. But what else do I call it?

Despite the walls I usually put up, I've been sharing this story to a few friends this week (including you, friends) and it's helped me to know I'm not the only one feeling like a complete and utter lunatic at times.

And I was reading a verse from my favorite book in the Bible...it was a verse that I had overlooked before, but rang loud and clear as I read it again: "He will make everything beautiful in its time." Ecclesiastes 3:11

Translated, this means that even the most frustrating, devastating, annoying circumstances WILL become beautiful with time. We grow through them because they are a form of discipline. They become a story we share to teach others not to go down the same dumbass road we so willingly skipped down. ha.

And this wasn't a "devastating" circumstance. Nah, it was just annoying and a little hurtful in a schoolgirl-crush kind of way, but it still stings, though. I swear, everything in my adult life somehow brings me back to being 14.

Anyway, funny story from my work today. One little boy, Ben, runs up to me and screams, "MISS ASHLEY! MISS ASHLEY! Do you know what Robbie did?"

"What Ben?" I ask, preparing myself for anything.

"HE THREW MY HAT DOWN THE TOILET!" Ben says, pointing to the now noticeably wet hat.

"Oh gosh," I say, slapping my forehead with my hand, trying to hide my smirk at the same time.

But don't you know? We all have moments when our hats get thrown down the toilet. And man, that's a bad day. But that too, will become beautiful in its time. Er, at least it will become funny in its time.



  1. Cute story about the hat. And you're right on, the hat may be messy and a wet inconvenience, but eventually it'll be something to laugh about.

    But anyways - many kudos to you for sharing. It's true what they say, being open and sharing about yourself is a good way to form community and build stronger relationships/understanding/empathy, and that's something I'm trying to work on as well. Keep keeping on, Ash. :)

  2. Sorry I laughed out loud. I tend to find anything involving toilets funny :) But I do love that passage. It's so true - the crappiest pile of poo experience, even if it's incredibly ugly at the time, is given to us for a reason, and that reason is always some sort of learning experience. Which, if learned FROM, leads to more beautiful things :)

  3. you rebel, you. i can't say i know anyone else who calls ecclesiastes (which i was certain i'd misspell) as their favorite book. :)

  4. It gets a bad rap sometimes, huh?

    I love Solomon's logic. It's def the best book in my eyes :)