Eight and Eight

Got this idea from Krystal and her site, The Lovelist.

Here, Ali (a good friend) and I were lollygagging around Little Italy, taking pictures on a lazy, pasta-filled evening. We ordered two pastas--Cappellini Pomodoro (angel-hair with basil, tomato and garlic), and Penne Arrabiata (spicy sauce!).

Just before our dinner, Ali and I had gotten a free makeover from the Benefit counter in Macy's. Tee-hee. Overall, a cute little evening :)

What is your 8th photo in your 8th folder?


  1. an underexposed, terrible photo of indonesian steamed cakes LOL

    too terrible to share :D

  2. Me and two old coworkers (from when we were still UCSD students) having dinner at Cheesecake Factory :)

  3. yayyy for doing this fun pic thing! love it =)

  4. A picture of a bunch of people I don't know, and five people I do, standing on a stage while one of them receives an award.

  5. Oh that's a nice one! I'm not at home so if I do it at work it'll be considerably less entertaining and end up being a stock image of someone smiling or a Pantone colour chart lol

  6. it's a ... train. hmph. go figure.