Favorite Thing Thursday: Roadtrippin' It

The topic this week for my favorite things series? ROADTRIPS.

I actually love all types of traveling, come to think of it. Flying is awesome, trains are exciting, and even boats are fun (as long as they don't make me sick). But I believe my favorite way of traveling is by car. Here are the reasons:
  • Have you ever noticed that when you are in a car, it feels like you're flying? I love that feeling.
  • Gas station stops can be quite hilarious.
  • You can blast crazy, crazy pop music (think "Wannabe" from the Spice Girls) and it is accepted, because, well...you're driving for 8 hours so WHY NOT?!?
  • I like the feeling of control when I drive.
  • I love the feeling of FREEEEEEEDOMMMM when I drive.
  • Lots of double shot espressos/red bulls/sugar=dance party while on the road.
  • If you drive overnight, delirium sets in, which is always amusing.
  • You see funny signs like "Smokey Bear Rd." or "Casa de Fruta." I joked that Lance Bass liked to hang out at the last one :)
  • Priceless memories are guaranteed.
I think that covers it. So with that said, let me share a few photos from my most recent roadtrip (this past weekend) to San Jose:

Seals at Santa Cruz!
Harvey Milk Cafe, awesome food, interesting info about the Castro district.
My friend Rachel's doggie :)
Hats that Ali and I found at a pit stop. Front reads: Redneck Woman.
You know how I love Purple! Also at a pit stop.

Rachel and I are Space Cowboys!!


  1. awww that dog is soo cute! and roadtrips are awesome and i get to go on a little one this weekend!! i'm already planning an obnoxious play list - (linger will be on it!)
    and third...flying is terrifying.

  2. Roadtrips can be a lot of fun, unless you are on a roadtrip with my grandpa. His car is waaaaay to big and he curses waaaaay to much.

  3. haha, I'm meant to be going on a road trip this summer! It'll be fun (:


  4. I've only been on a couple of REAL roadtrips in my life, most recently from my place in SE Spain to Torremolinos in SW Spain, but I definitely agree. Roadtrips are awesome. I do, however, have a tendency to fall asleep... whoops.

    Jax x

  5. Awesome pics!! See, I think you've just FINALLY convinced me to learn to drive!!

  6. Since you came to SF and spent time in the Castro district, have you ever gone to the Castro theater? I think it's a pretty cool theater.

  7. we didn't spend too much time in the Castro district, but I will surely come back!