Favorite Thing Thursday: Fortune Cookies

TOTALLY the best fortune I have ever gotten!!
But anyway...

It's not like I really believe fortunes of the cookie variety (unless I get one like the one above). But there's something really magically delicious about opening up a fortune cookie after a good Chinese meal; although, I've been told that the fortune cookie idea originated in America and not in China. What the heck?

Mostly, fortune cookies are one of my favorite things because they are purely for entertainment value. It's really fun to crack open a cookie (what Mom? You say I can play with my food?), and it's even more amusing to pull out a little piece of paper that supposedly reads the future. Seriously, who thinks of this stuff?

By far, the funniest fortune cookie I have ever received stated: AMONG THE LUCKY, YOU ARE THE CHOSEN ONE.


How does one become a fortune cookie writer? I'd like to know!


  1. I would like to translate fortune cookies, but only if they are written in Spanish.

  2. The best fortunes are the ones that have your lucky lottery numbers on the back, gotta love it!

  3. Funny that you post this because I saw the funniest little short film the other day on TV which was about a guy who writes the fortunes for fortune cookies. He got really depressed because he and his girlfriend split when she went to teach English in China, and so the fortune he wrote was, "Confucius says: you will die alone". He ended up using the fortunes in the cookies to win her back by sending messages to her and giving her a rendez-vous point. Unfortunately everybody else who read the fortunes also showed up at the rendez-vous point...

    It was great, anyway :D Thought you'd appreciate!

    Jax x

  4. I always like the game where you add the phrase "...in bed" to the end of the fortune, and seeing what wackiness ensues.

  5. Oh I have no idea how you become a cookie writer but how awesome would that be?? My best fortune was when I got THREE in a little cookie :)

  6. The last one I got said, "You think that it is a secret, but it is not." What was funny about that was that I was out with Randy and The Cheerleader called me twice. Once was at knitting group. Randy proceeded to ask me questions about her and whatnot while we were knitting and none of the gals know I'm bi. Or if they do, they haven't said anything about it. Hmm...


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