A Casual Saturday (and cussing to boot!)

I'm having a gloriously lazy day today. I did a little work in the morning: studied a little Turkish, and studied for my TEFL certificate. Did a little laundry...you know, a little here, a little there. But now I'm reveling in my complete, unadulterated laziness. I didn't have any real plans and I'm not really gonna make any plans.

It's one of those Saturdays where I am fulfilled by doing nothing.

Status: Currently watching Love Actually and wasting the day away...

P.S. Just for a giggle, let me teach you a turkish curse word! I was having a convo the other day with a co-worker who knows arabic, and she was telling me how to say the "s" word in her language. I then realized that I didn't know any Turkish curse words. I thought to myself, "well that is just unacceptable!"

My mom thought it amusing when I asked her how to say 'shit' in Turkish that very day. I'm surprised she told me: Bok. Bok bok bok. (pronounced 'boke'...like you are saying poke with a b).

heh heh heh.

Just thought I'd share that new little nugget of info with you fine people. Hope you are having a great Saturday!!


  1. Its all downhill now!

    Think of all the American curse words you are going to get to teach to the people of Turkey. I can see it now, you're standing in front of your students and saying, "bok, shit, bok, shit"!!

  2. hahaha...that would be pretty hilarious :)

  3. I reckon you'd get an A in Turkish! :D

  4. BOK :D Haha, I'm totally going to say this to people from now on and they'll neeever know...

    Jax x

  5. LOL thank you for the little lesson. I'm totally planning on going back to Turkey one day so it will be stored away safely for future use :) Love Actually is the BEST!!

  6. So educational! Somehow, learning curse words in other languages is so interesting! Ha!

  7. this post reminds me of the first time i watched "love actually". i was on a plane back to hk from dubai...on a business trip alone...i watched it, cried big time in flight (buckets of tears, snots, sobs and all), scared the hell out of the flight attendants...:D