MacBook Photo Monday & ♥

Hello to my lovelies! With this "MacBook photo, " I'm simultaneously giving out a questionnaire for some of you fine people to fill out and spread the love!

But really, we are going to SPREAD the freakin' love!

So here it is, 3 simple questions I will be forwarding:

1. What makes you beautiful? Yes, YOU.
2. Name YOUR three best features (I'm talking about physically, so don't chicken out).
3. Pick one blogger friend and say what you think makes them beautiful.

My answers:

1. My caring ♥. I feel like I have a lot to care about in the world.
2. My legs, my eyes and my imperfect, but lovable curly hair.
3. I pick Krystal over at the Village. After reading her blog for a few months, I can clearly see that she is a giver. The way she is able to build lasting relationships online shows that she must have even stronger relationships in person. I find her modesty endearing, and how great are her posts on pretty things? Well, I've got news for you Krystal, you should post about YOURSELF because you. are. pretty. (yep, inside & out).

I'm tagging 3 other people to do this: Krystal, Emily, Stephany.

I made this little thing because I hear too many chicks bad-mouth themselves and their bodies...we all need a little love up in here! For once, lets not talk about how much weight we need to lose, or how many body parts we need to change...let's appreciate what we have. It is extremely fulfilling to accept the natural.

Now, pay it forward!


  1. I would certainly add your smile to that list!

    And I wanted to say thank you for your lovely comment the other day; I really appreciated it. It's taken me so long to get back because my internet connection has been impossible!

  2. What a great idea! Spreading the positivity - well done :)

  3. Ashley! Oh my gosh, I'm in the car on my phone and just saw Your commentthis and it made my heart happy, thank you so much for your way to awesome words! Wish I could give you a huge hug!! I'm so glad to have found you in the blog world:) and I am all "amen" on how girls need to show themselves some love!! I will get back to your tag this weekend!! Have a good day :)

  4. Awwww, what a sweet idea and thank you so much for tagging me... although I bet you knew I'd struggle with answering this!! Way to go on spreading something we really all need to take the time to do - stop beating ourselves up and acknowledge the GOOD things :) <3

  5. that is really great. i'd laugh if in a few months, you get tagged by someone else who got tagged not realizing that it was YOU who came up with it. i hope this becomes a blog spam. really.

  6. So true. Great answers and I love Krystal! : )

  7. cute little blog ya got :)
    please don't hesitate to check mine out, it's not that bad! :p


    <1 <2 <3

  8. I love how inspirational this post is. I, for one, need to remember your comments. I agree that we women get caught up in our flaws, when the people we love only see what's awesome about us.

    Thank you for this lovely thought.