Favorite Thing Thursday: Because I'm the Sweetener

For those of you that don't now, right before the photo challenge, I had begun a series of posts called Favorite Thing Thursday in which I showcase a favorite thing of mine. So far, I've blogged about my love of fortune cookies, my zeal for road trips, and my exploration into old tunes.

To preface this week, let me say that my whole life I've been called "sweet." It is apparently the number one word to describe me. This might be a combination of my niceness and shyness, who knows! That is why my next favorite thing might be contradictory to my personality.

It's not so much a favorite thing; rather, it's a preference:

As I've gotten older, I realize how much I like things unsweetened. A list:
  • Ice Tea! SO GOOD with just a lemon slice. I can hardly choke down Southern Sweet Tea.
  • Yogurt. This has probably stemmed from my many visits to Turkey, and the consumption of a lot of good, healthy, tasty (!) plain yogurt. They even have yogurt drinks in Turkey! I look at the back of some yogurt cups (ahem, Yoplait...) and see that they've added 20 grams of sugar. It's just not necessary!
  • Coffee. I add sugar sometimes, but very little. My coffee addiction has produced an appreciation for the taste of pure coffee (cream is still a must).
  • Juice. Like yogurt, why add all that damn sugar? It angers me a little.
My conclusion? America is over-sweetened and needs to calm the sugar habit a little.


  1. really... the reason that you like things unsweetened is because your sugar tongue slowly dissolves with everything so there's already an obscene amount of sugar heading down into your stomach.


    but yes, i agree. there's just too much sugar in stuff. i can hardly choke down a whole container of yoplait because it's SO sweet. the generic stuff that we get doesn't seem to be as bad, so that's nice.

    anyway, it's nice to see someone else who doesn't do sugar so much. we old ladies gotta stick together. :P

  2. Sweet is probably my number one word too! I'm with you on the iced tea front, and I'm slowly trying to make the move to black coffee - I cut milk already, but I haven't been able to cut out the sugar just yet. My boss is ridiculous - she has EIGHT sugars in a cup!!!

  3. Agreed! I'll put sugar in coffee if it's strong, but nothing infuriates me more than sugar in smoothies. I mean, really... Here in Mexico they're very sugar-happy, I'm always having to remember to insist on having things without it.

    You asked what I do: at the moment I don't work (or at least I don't get paid; I'm writing a children's book). But most of my traveling has been done while teaching English. I taught in Catalonia (bf won't let me say Spain) for 1.5 years, and in Mexico last year too. In South Africa I kind of taught Spanish under the table. It's a good way to travel, though not very well paid in most countries, so I'm heading back to school shortly.

    And as for sweet: yup, I would say that describes you pretty well. You seem to be a bit like my sister, and she's definitely sweet!

  4. Mango lassi! Yum... the only place in Sac I knew of that sold them closed. :-(

    I also like things unsweetened. How about dark chocolate?? It's the best!


  5. am not with you on the coffee but definitely agree about the tea! hope you are having an amazing weekend!!

  6. am not with you on the coffee but definitely agree about the tea! hope you are having an amazing weekend!!

  7. I'm arriving at the same conclusion. Over the past 4 or 5 years, my sweet tooth has almost completely disappeared. I almost never eat candy and I take my coffee with just a sprinkle of sugar.

    It's probably good for my pancreas and stuff, but I do occasionally miss being able to pound a one-pound bag of Twizzlers in an afternoon.