Daydream Believers & Homecoming Queens

I had the song in my head, and it seemed like an appropriate title for the pictures I am about to show you.

Plus, my friend Beth and I were wandering around Hillcrest, the well-known gay district, so there were a lot of "queens" around. ha.


Tea Time, anyone?

At Pinkberry getting some frozen yogurt :) I put EXTRA mochi in mine.

I had to borrow tights from Beth (I am surprised they fit) because it got cold and windy today. HELLO FALL!


  1. Recently, when practicing music with a friend, he started playing the opening part on guitar. I joined in on the drums, and we played the entire song through, both chiming in on vocals.

    I heard the song once through (and only once) in my life and somehow know the lyrics. It's almost frightening.

  2. The "tea time" picture is fantastic!! You look like you should be on the front of a cookbook or a book on entertaining :)

  3. Fro yo! And Pinkberry, with EXTRA mochi! I love Pinkberry. And I love mochi. Yummm...
    They *just* got a Red Mango here in DC. I miss the great food in California. T_T

  4. Aw, how adorable are you! I lovvve the picture with the teacup! And I am definitely a new convert to manicures (haven't had one since the first one but still, it's so nice feeling how smooth they are!)

  5. you two are adorable. :)

  6. THAT DRESS IS THE BESTEST. For realsies. Love your teacup, too - now that is a teacup ;)

    Jax x

  7. Ok, what color is that? It is pretty much perfect.

  8. fashion butter: You mean the nail polish? Mine was from OPI...it was called all a-bordeaux, or something like that. My friend's was a matte navy color. I liked the matte effect :)