My Best Friends:

< ---- Miss Seltzer

<--- Chlora

<-- and my personal favorite, Blowy. haha.

Yep, I am sick. I checked my blog archives, and last time I was sick with a cold was 2008! (I always write about it cause it's an unusual occurrence for me).

Not the best way to spend a Sunday...oh well. Just passing the time currently watching me some Bridget Jones's Diary. Bridget is my other best friend ;)


  1. Ugh, feel better soon! I so rarely get colds, too, that I almost done mind that much when it happens. I figure it's my turn, ha ha.

  2. I hope you'll feel well soon! :)

  3. FEEL BETTER!!!! at least it's a down day...I always kind of like being sick because I don't feel guilty for being lazy :) :)

  4. Feel better soon, lovely! Also, you've only had two colds in the last two years?! Um. Hate you.

    Just kidding ;)

    Jax x

  5. That's the worst! Especially right before the weekend. :(

    You know what works for me? Emergen-C. Take it with some Perrier and it just makes me feel 100 times better.

    Get well soon!!

  6. hope you will feel better soon!
    hope miss seltzer will not be your best friend for long ! ;)

  7. i think i've got a little something that's getting ready to rear its ugly little head. i've been tired for days, so i'd bet it's on its way. too bad the weekend is already over! i apparently have two tests this week so i have to be in school and in class. blah.

  8. I think you have virtually given it to me! I need some blowy myself! Get well soon, and in the meantime enjoy Bridget, she's one of my best friends too!

    Oh, and that Turkish tabouleh recipe looks amazing. Will certainly be trying that when I get to a civilized country where they have cous cous!

  9. I think Eat Pray Love finally came out here - must see! I kind of feel the same way you did about it - go in with low expectations and it will be fine.

    Take care of yourself - feel better soon, honey!