Turkish Tabouli

Alright, so I am no cooking expert like my friend Jackie. Seriously, if you want great recipe ideas, go to her blog!

However, I have a recipe that is SUPER simple and easy peasy, and healthy to boot! I forget the real name for this dish, so I'll just call it Turkish Tabouli, because it is like tabouli, but without all that parsley.

Turkish Tabouli


1 cup cous cous
olive oil
green onions
1 cucumber
2 to 3 lemons

Cook the cous cous so that it is fluffy (follow directions on the box). Scoop into a large bowl.

Chop up your vegetables. The amount of vegetables you use is truly up to you! I love putting EXTRA tomato, but that's just me :) My mom also prefers to skin the cucumbers; however, it's to your discretion.

Keep in mind that the key ingredient here is the mint, so make sure to add plenty of that!

Mix vegetables and mint with the cous cous, also stirring in your desired amount of olive oil (think 3 tablespoons) to make the combination less dry. Add lemon juice to the mixture and stir (I like to add about 2 lemons worth of juice). Add salt and pepper to taste.

Chill in the refrigerator for an hour before serving. Provide a couple lemon wedges on the side when you do serve it!

There you go...I told you it was easy. It's almost TOO easy! Enjoy! And happy friday!!


  1. I'm going to make this. I *love* tabouli and I love how it's easy. Done and done.

    Thanks so much for sharing this!!

  2. Aw, I heart you Ash :D Yummy looking tabbouleh, too! Next time try it with quinoa - you'll love the texture!

    Jax x

  3. that. looks. delicious.

    i'm SO going to have to try that. of course... as soon as i figure out what the heck cous cous is. :)

  4. Sweet blog, I had not noticed littleturkishgirl.blogspot.com previously during my searches!
    Carry on the superb work!

  5. I am so making this. I'm all over anything easy to make AND involving Turkey :)

  6. I need to find couscous here...this looks delish

  7. HEYYYYY we just had this for dinner tonight, thanks for the idea! mark LOVED it but I think I put too much mint in it, haha...and it was peppermint because i couldn't find regular. sigh. next time! also, i served it warm which was good :)

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