Perfectly Acceptable Ashley

It's soooooo acceptable:
  • to mistake a license plate that says Purdue University with "Purple University." Oops, guess I like purple THAT much! I thought to myself, "Man, what a great sounding university!" ha.

  • To watch rerun after rerun of House Hunters International and wish I was the person buying a house overseas. OBSESSED with this show! Why yes, I'd like to buy a house in Costa Rica right next to the ocean!

  • to race a six-year-old up a hill and legitimately give it my all. But he still beat me! I called him "Speedy Gonzalez." What? The kid's Mexican, so it works! Oops, maybe that's not PC. But it is PERFECTLY ACCEPTABLE!


  1. Haha, Purple University. That's awesome :D

  2. those little kids... they get you every time. it must be the energy overload that they have.

  3. I'd totally be down for color-coded universities. Make mine olive, please. I probably asked you this before, but you aren't by any chance a Prince fan. The purple makes me think of Prince. And of course there's Purple Rain. That's two of your favorites in one title. HA! *boy, it's late. back to my cave.*

  4. Hahaha ;)
    Those children...too much energy! :P

    & I also would want a house in Costa Rica by the ocean!!!

    Hug from Sonja:)