The Brilliance of The Social Network

I was enthralled by this movie. Yes, completely enthralled.

This is not a film about facebook. It's about the creator of facebook and his twisted, sad life propelled by his want for acceptance. This is also a film about human nature, greed, and how we react when money is added to the equation. More specifically, this about the lawsuits filed against Mark Zuckerberg and his billion-dollar empire--even his best friend sued him!

I'm not sure how much of the movie is true, or if Mark Zuckerberg is that much of a lovable asshole in real life. I say "lovable asshole" because as you watch this movie, you both hate and love Zuckerberg. He's a megalomaniac, yet he's highly relatable--this is because the very thing that haunts Zuckerberg at the end of the night is the very thing that we all want; of course, to be loved.

Highlights of the movie:
  • Amazing script! Since we are all literary lovers here in blog world, you'll appreciate how superb the writing is.
  • Great acting that had me on the edge of my seat (seriously). Even from Justin Timberlake (why is he so talented with everything?)
  • Philosophical aspect that was intellectually stimulating.
My rating: ★★★★ <---the last four-star rating I gave was to (500) Days of Summer, which was kick ass, so this is a big deal!


  1. Interesting! I haven't been out to the cinema in forever, and next up was actually that owl movie Legend of the Guardians for next week (lol I am secretly five years old), but I may have to go see this one now!

  2. At first, I didn't want to watch it because I didn't want to give Facebook anymore of my time or money, but I've been hearing great reviews about this movie, so I am definitely going to watch it.

  3. sssoooo... apparently i live under a ROCK and have not even HEARD of this movie. though i'll still probably wait until it comes to netflix simply because i don't want to spend money on it. yeah, i'm all cool like that. :P

    after this review, though, i'm EXTREMELY curious...

  4. It does sound kind of interesting... though I was also thinking of hitting up that owl movie, hehe.

  5. I heard that it didn't really accurately portray Mark Zuckerberg's life and he's not really happy about the way they wrote it. Like any Hollywood movie, they made it seem like there was more than there really is.

    Still, I want to go see it! It looks like a great movie!

  6. I'd say it's accurate enough to warrant Zuckerberg donating $100 million to the Newark School system... Can you say re-direction?

    We saw it this weekend too and I could not agree with your review more. I really, really loved it.

  7. Man, this is getting such good reviews, I can't wait to see it!

  8. Cool!
    Can't wait for this movie to be released in SA.

  9. But really, how could he *not* be a lovable asshole? I mean he rescued the girls and killed all those zombies in Zombieland. That's aces in my book! :)