Are We There Yet?


I'm going to come off as a little moody here (since I was all excited last week), but oh well.

So as I have been applying to jobs in Izmir, Turkey, I'm realizing that there are not a lot of job opportunities in that specific city. I've also gotten one rejection from a school that said I didn't have enough experience. Fair enough. I'm just a little sad about not getting an interview with that school, because it's a good one!

So...although my plan was to just stick with Izmir (for MANY reasons), I think I'm still going to apply to places in Istanbul.

My cousins warned me about the chaos of such a large city and how it might wear down on me. I don't disagree with that assessment. Did you know that Istanbul is the 5th largest city in the world and has a population of 13 million? THAT'S HUGE. In fact, that's the whole reason I was looking to stick with the smaller city of Izmir.

However, as I'm noticing my job prospects shrinking in Izmir, and my growing desire to live in Turkey, I'm going to include Istanbul on my list.

Advice from my family on where to apply is going to be crucial, as they know the good and bad areas of the city. And any advice from you all is appreciated. Especially you, Emily--since you've been through all of this!

I'm a little anxious right now about all of this. I have a frantic want to just do this already! But I know I need to take caution and be patient when choosing something so important.

Overall, I know that I think too much...and I need to just let this process unfold the way it is supposed to. It's just so hard when you want something SO BAD!!!


  1. Definitely let it unfold lady, and remember that worrying about it isn't going to help too much. Pretty soon you'll be there and looking back on this :)

  2. you are quite right. I also felt a need to vent. ha.

  3. i'd imagine that if you just let things happen, they'll turn out better than you ever could have planned them.

    God has a way of doing that. :P

  4. I totally know what you mean! I don't know much about Turkey, but I *can* say something about smaller cities. Sometimes, the slow charm of such a small city wears away fast and you long for the hustle and bustle of a bigger city.

    Also, from my experience, in bigger cities, the people are more open-minded, which might be very beneficial whilst your there.

    I guess, this is my way of saying: apply to Istanbul! You might be pleasantly surprised. ^^

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  6. Oh goodness I totally hear how it can be frustrating - I think with the big things in life it's natural to want to play a part, to have some sort of control and certainty over the way things are supposed to unfold, but it's just a matter of being patient and having faith that the path you are meant to be on you will be led to! Istanbul - I've never been there, and I would've loved to have seen it when I was in Turkey - but I was talking to a friend this weekend who'd spend a bit of time there and said it was pretty awesome. I'd really love to go back and see it - I only saw Icmeler and Marmaris but I loved them. Best of luck, keep us posted on how everything is unfolding!