Perfectly Acceptable Ashley

It's perfectly acceptable:

  • to forgo the gym and instead have a piece of coconut cream pie for breakfast. Mwahahaha! Mmm...I ♥ coconut.

  • to be a girl who knows how to jump start a car, change a tire and do an oil change. Yep, I know how to do all three. Ladies, it is MORE than acceptable that you learn, too.

  • to support Joey Fatone's campaign in getting *NSYNC to have a guest appearance on Glee; furthermore, it is even MORE acceptable to still love a long-gone boy band.


  1. I am impressed of your car savvy. I wish I knew how to change my oil in my car, but I don't. =(

    Maybe I should take a mechanics class at the local community college....

    Oh, and I've been eating pizza. And ice cream. And pasta. And greasy, but delicious Chinese food. And *not* going to the gym. So, rock on sister!

  2. i hate going to the gym. definitely prefer being outside. but of course, as the arctic circle slowly descends to encompass my little part of the world, i just may have to start going. and just MAYBE i'll get james to do it with me and then we can suffer in a gym together. i'm totally ok with that.

    also, i'm with you on the car stuff. i can do all of those as well. it's pretty handy and PERFECTLY acceptable.

  3. I love this series more with every post :) The ONLY time I let myself eat pie for breakfast is when we have a lemon meringue one... that is my biggest weakness! :)

  4. em--I love lemon merengue too!!! Mmmm...

    I love all pie I think. haha.

  5. It IS perfectly acceptable to love a long-gone boy band. And to support an appearance on Glee. It occurs to me that Lance and Kurt could totally have their own little mini story. Want. Haha!

  6. Pie for breakfast = brilliant.

    I'm headed to support Joey now ;)

  7. you make me laugh, for real. I sure hope it's ok to forego working out to eat because i sure do that enough!