Favorite Thing Thursday: YouTube Make-Up Gurus

Whoa, I am majorly hyped up on coffee today....weeeeeeee! But, I'll save my love of coffee for another Favorite Thing Thursday post.

Today's subject is a little more unique than coffee, it's about a specific genre on You Tube that I have come to love.

Ok, some background on me and make-up. I love make-up. I have always loved make-up. I remember putting on lipstick one day in the fourth grade (some outrageous color, no less). My mom took one look at me and smirked, and the kids at school had a laughing fit, but I didn't care. Make-up was a newfound love.

Middle school brought on the obsession with glitter rollers (oh god!) and well, glitter EVERYTHING. High school is really where I started to learn the tricks of make-up, and always had fun applying my blue mascara (which is suddenly back in style?).

Nowadays, I don't wear a ton, and I totally believe that girls should accept themselves the way the are, and all that inspirational talk. But, MAKE-UP is FUN! You can't beat a simple, sultry red lip, or a beautifully defined eyebrow.

Although I have an apparent love for all things make-up-y, I still don't know everything about how to apply it. That's where the make-up gurus come in! I first stumbled upon a make-up guru by accident, typing in some word into YouTube, and having her come up in the results. Ever the curious girl, I decided to click her video. "What's this?" I thought to myself as I watched the girl give a make-up tutorial.

I loved every second. I copied the look on my own. I had found a new hobbie.

For any blogger out there who loves make-up, and may want to learn a thing or two, I highly recommend watching these fun videos. What's cool is many of these girls have gone on to start a business because of their video queen statuses. I'm gonna have to say it: Girl Power!

Wow, I have regressed back to the 7th grade in this post. ha.

Here are my two favorite YouTube Make-Up Queens:

My favorite "guru" because of her super cute personality and really good make-up and hair tips. She's kind of a genius!

2. Pixiwoo

I love these two English Chicks. They are funny, inventive and true experts working in the make-up field.


  1. I just watched a 10-minute video on how to apply the basics of make-up by Pixiewoo, thanks to this blog post. And now I think I'm hooked. ;)

    Thanks for contributing to my procrastination! Hehehe.

  2. haha I TOTALLY look at YT makeup gurus for when I need makeup ideas--it keeps things fresh and interesting instead of doing your face the same way all the time. YT makeup gurus are also REALLY handy for halloween--coming up! & I LOVE your new background. It's gorgeous :)

  3. I love makeup but I've never been able to convince myself to splurge on the good quality stuff. Great videos though! I really love 80s-ing it up with colourful eye makeup that goes out to my hairline sometimes :)

  4. whoa, that last one kind of entranced me!!!
    and why are iphones weird, haha!
    and i like your new layout! and and..i think i'm done.
    p.s. i've had 4 cups of coffee today! after swearing it off yesterday.

  5. I was always the girl who couldn't apply make-up at all, and always had to have my make-up done in the school play (and I mean mascara, not zombie make-up). Looks like I could really use these tutorials!

  6. I love Michelle Phan as well!

    I did not wear ANY make-up until I joined my first professional band at age 21. Even so, I was resistant - My main complaint was this: How come the women had to wear make-up on stage in order not to look "washed out", but nobody said anything to the men?? My mom convinced me when she said this: "The women get to make themselves look prettier, while the men just have to look ugly!"

    WELL... I got hooked and now I LOVE make up!! You're right, it's so FUN. There's so much room for creativity and using it to highlight your best features! YAY! Good post. :-)


  7. Hahaha! A few weeks ago I watched those makeup tutorials NONSTOP for like three days. They are mezmerizing!

  8. Oh, look at you! These are awesome videos! I'm a big fan of makeup, yes, but truly never learned how to apply it either! I love when other expert friends make me up though :)

  9. ha! bama might not be here so must hang out with me! mahaha.
    p.s. i totally pretended to be these girls when i was putting on my makeup this morning. sidenote!