My 'Ah Ha!' Moment

I feel like this has been a groundbreaking week for me, for a couple reasons.

First, it started with Emily posting on an article she read, called "Revenge of the Introverts." Now, I never thought of myself as an introvert before, and this is because I had the wrong definition of what an introvert is. After reading excerpts from the article, it it so damn clear: I AM AN INTROVERT! This explains SO MUCH of who I am and my behaviors, that I can't believe I didn't realize it before.

I feel enlightened.

As Emily and the article explained, introverts are not shy, we just "recharge" by having some alone time, whilst extroverts recharge by socializing. In the past, what people took as my shyness was actually my brain shutting off after too much socializing. It's extremely draining for me to hang out with someone ALL DAY LONG. I start to get a little moody, and on top of that, I just. don't. want. to talk anymore! I want to think think think...

This leads me to what else has made this week eye-opening. I took an IQ test (administered by my psychologist friend Bethany) and it revealed a lot about my personality. I scored 108, which is an average score; however, that score is actually an average between a verbal and performance score.

So get this, I scored 122 (well above average) in the verbal section, but only 94 (on the lower side of average) in the performance section. This means I think about EVERYTHING. And I think SO MUCH it is almost a brain overload. This affected my performance score (where I had to put things together and such) because I would second guess myself by thinking too much.

While having high verbal scores shows that I'm excellent at writing, understanding and explaining (anything logical), having low performance scores shows that I can be apprehensive about doing things. This includes taking chances, or being spontaneous.

This shows me that I need more of a balance. Life is about balance, right?

Bethany said that one great thing I am doing to achieve that balance is my Turkey plan. Going to another country, living there for a year and literally pushing myself out of my comfort zone can only make me more well-rounded. Because for once, I'll be doing something BIG without over thinking and talking myself out of it.

So, those were my revelations this week...and they've helped me to realize that there's a reason I am the way I am. Simply, this makes me smile. For once I feel like I'm not abnormal; rather, I belong to a big group of people who are just like me...and we matter just as much as the extroverts.


  1. I am totally almost exactly like this. I always second guess myself..I wonder what I would score! And also...I totally can't hang around someone all day either - I know I have to re-charge by being alone. When we have visitors it severely stretches me!!

  2. Interestingly, I never would have had you down as any type of introvert. There are some people I can spend all day with, but I agree that most people get a bit tiring. And I'm definitely a bit of an introvert myself (but not an extreme case, like some bloggers).

    So, when is Turkey happening? ; )

  3. "Life is about balance, right?"

    ...Is that what life is about? According to what? And what exactly is a healthy "balance"? I suppose that depends on what one considers important.

    I am a thinker, too. But I don't see anything wrong with it. I think too few people take the time to think things through. Is there such a thing as thinking too much? Most people don't think enough, in my opinion.

    The times I have gotten into trouble in my life have been when I have "dived in", "lived in the moment", "followed my heart" and not thought carefully about the consequences.


  4. Emily--I want it to happen sooner! I remember what you said about moving there and applying, but I'm not sure I'm ready go out in such a vulnerable manner. So I might wait to apply to a good school (wait a few months) if that's the best option.

    D--I get what your saying...I love being a thinker because I can bring a lot to the table, and show and explain ideas that people haven't thought of before.

    However, my OVER thinking sometimes hinders me, as it did in my IQ test. My performance was affected negatively from over thinking.

  5. Aww yay! I'm glad you enjoyed the post and thanks so much for the shout out!! That IQ test sounds really interesting - I love the tests that go a bit more in depth like that and tell you how you score in different areas as opposed to giving you one single number. :)

  6. I found your post, and Emily Jane's post, very interesting. I agree that the US really values extroverts, and it can make things very difficult socially when you're not the most vivacious, the most social.

    I especially like the post about how in East Asia, privacy and restraint is really valued, as I know that many Asian Americans struggle with balancing the two cultures, many times unsuccessfully. (like ME, ahem)

    Lastly, I absolutely know what it's like to overthink. I do it all the time and sometimes, I kick myself for not going with my gut. Like I'm doing today. Gut instincts should always win.

  7. That is so interesting. I guess by this definition, I am an introvert too! I def. need my alone time.

  8. I am totally an introvert as well.. Except that everyone refers to me as extrovert.. It is a crazy kind of balance. But I adored Emily's post as well. She is wonderful.

  9. I am most definitely a bona fide introvert. And Emily's post helped me to see WHY and that it wasn't all so bad. ;) I crave my alone time and I can only handle being around a group of people for so long before I withdraw into myself and shut down.

    I might end up writing my own post about it, as well. She got me thinking!

  10. I think I am a middlevert. Extroverted when I need to be - introverted when I need to be.

  11. Oh yeah, I know that feeling. I'm somewhat of an introvert in that respect too.

    Hope the job hunting is going well, chica. Been missing you recently! Want to hang out =(

    Jax x

  12. From "Psychology Today." I have a subscription. I was amazed, as well, at how tightly the "introvert" label zinged me. I've known I was an introvert for a long time, but it was nice to read an article that, basically, spelled everything out. Introversion is not bad, nor is extraversion--they're just, basically, two halves of the whole. People are people so why should it be.... Yes. Peeps are peeps.