My Oven GF

I wanted to do a quick spotlight on my friend Jackie's blog, because she is in a food competition and needs some votes!

BELIEVE ME, she is a cooking master and deserves the support.

Read her blog (with delicious recipes) here, and vote for her here.



  1. I've totally been reading her blog since you mentioned her to me at one point...sooo much goodness going on there!

  2. Okay, I voted for her.

    I've been reading her food blog, too. Her food looks tantalizing. She is very creative. I hope she wins!


  3. I love food blogs!! I'm going to visit her immediately!
    It has been very nice of you to write this post to help her :)

  4. AWWW, Ash! You are too lovely! Thank you for doing this - I really appreciate it! Find out results today, fingers crossed for round 5... ;)

    Jax x


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